Helping grow the local food economy

Helping businesses grow the local food economy


We offer project management solutions for food businesses
at any level of development 


Starting a food business

New food business owners face many challenges in starting their operations. The food space is notoriously competitive, with drastically changing consumer demands and very thin margins. There are also complex regulations at every level of government around licensing, permitting, construction, and food safety.

We work with each client to collaboratively build and execute a roadmap to their success, managing every phase of the project from planning to launch.


Technology solutions

As food businesses mature, they outgrow their in-house solutions and manual processes and require a deeper level of functionality and automation.

For some, implementing a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, and Sales is the best solution. For others, the solution is to implement separate tools to support each key business area, with a high level of integration and reporting between each system.

Whatever the scenario, we will work closely with your team to design, manage, and implement a best-fit solution for your organization and budget.


Fundraising / Investment

Traditionally, funding for for-profit ventures was only available via banks or wealthy friends and family, leaving many entrepreneurs without options. Recently, crowdfunding portals and an intense interest in food businesses from venture capitalist (VC) groups have opened up capital for food businesses, but the competition is fierce.

The same goes for the non-profit sector, where organizations compete for limited private, foundation, and government funding that often does little to fund the operational costs of the business.

Whatever type of funding your business needs, we will work collaboratively with your team to develop a budget and execution plan to market your organization and help secure the funding you need.

Consultation services

Our food systems experts provide one-on-one consultation services for food businesses looking to achieve specific projects or goals. We create accountability for your organization and work collaboratively to build and execute an actionable roadmap for success.

We also offer a free one-time assessment for all new clients to discuss their needs.